The backyard studio, plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Ice Carving
Cannington Snow Festival 2011

Stone Carving

"I look at the piece of stone until I see a shape in it, then I just chip way everything that's not that shape.
- Stuart Blower - 2013

For me the ability to change a lump of stone into a specific shape and form is very satisfying. It's a control thing, I enjoy the fact that I can shape the rock to my will and produce a pleaseing three dimensional form where none existed before.

My first piece was a small, Haida myth inspired soapstone carving affectionally named Igor, who has a permanent place in our living room. He took me a year to complete, working with a wood carving knife. I finished him just in time to go back to Bancroft, Ontario to buy another piece of soapstone for my next project, which also took a year to finish. Since then, my output has increased and I am now able to work with bigger, heavier materials such as marble and granite, using air powered tools.


Early Years:
Ajax, Ontario.
Old Enough To Drink Years:
Waterloo, Ontario.
University Studies:
Nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, optics, chemistry (yeah!, really).
College Education:
Prepress, psychology, media design, web creation.
Self Taught:
Photography, computer graphics, motorcycle mechanics, audio recording, project management, stone carving.
Financially Rewarding Careers:
Photojournalist, writer, editor, manager, publisher, mentor, instructor.
Non Remunerating Careers:
Blues musician, aluminum siding installer.
Comic book collecting, camera paraphenalia, music.
Musical Instruments I Don’t Play Very Well:
Blues harmonica, folk banjo, ukelele.
Languages In Which I Can Find The Washroom:
Russian, American Sign Language.
Loves Of My Life:
Less than a handful, but only the last one counts.
Knowing a little bit about everything.
Community Volunteer:
President: - North Durham Photographers Association (NDPA).
Chair:-Arts and Visual Enhancement Committe of Council - Uxbridge, Ontario. (AVEC)
President:- Uxbridge Arts Association, (UAA)
Director:-Uxbridge Celebration Of The Arts,
Member:- PineRidge Arts Council, (PRAC)
Member: - Ontario Society of Artists, (OSA)

Founding member:-Writers Community of Durham Region (WCDR),
Founding member:- Durham Region Music Society (DRMS)
Founding member:- Macintosh Users East (Mause)