Stone Carving Gallery

Owls are Flying


Almost finished
15" x 14" Alabaster

This piece of Alabaster has some incredible texturing in the stone


The Mayan Chiefs are among us

stuart blower

15" x 14" Indiana Limestone

I started this as a demonstration at the Purple Turtle Arts Festival, and even managed to sign my name in the Mayan phonetic alphabet (top right corner)


Galactic Pearl


Black Chlorite (60 lbs)


Musical Hand

White Alabaster

Slightly larger than life size study of the musician's hand forming a chord

Banjo Devil

Ukelele Devil

Indiana Limestone (120 lbs)

Base to horns 28" height, width 14"



The "Devil" with Halloween lighting.


owl caraving

Polished Wonderstone, highlights the natural veining of the stone

12" height



This block of white marble is now finished at only 58 lbs.

Shoulders to claws 17", 14" in height



Hard black soapstone (black chlorite) carving of a seal, was completed just in time for the Lake Scugog Spring Studio Tour.
Flipper to nose 14", 6.5" in height



In Progress

This granite boulder was laying around the property, so it is now being turned into a frog, that the granchildren will be able to play on. This will probably be a long term project.