Your Choice – Online Virtual Tour or Physical Distancing, By Appointment

Stone Devil Studio is pleased to participate in the upcoming Uxbridge Studio Tour, Saturday Sept. 19 and Sunday Sept 20, 2020. This years tour will be different due to the impact of COVID. Myself and the other artists have been busy preparing a Virtual Workshop Tour, for those art lovers who can not participate in person, you will be able to watch us work online. Many of our artist sites will be open for that weekend and we will all follow recommended safe distancing & sanitization procedures. Stone Devil Studio will be taking appointments to view our outdoor gallery which includes a temporary shelter to display some of the smaller indoor pieces as well. Contact us at: 905-649-0407 to make an appointment for the tour weekend Sept. 19 & Sept 20, 10: am – 6:00 pm both days.

Please visit Uxbridge Studio Tour for more artists and details.

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Stone Carvings by Stuart Blower – A selection of the interesting things I have worked on.

I Like A Challenge

Our mascot The Stone Devil has often been described as a Self Portrait of the artist.

I pick colours, shapes and sizes that look interesting. I have worked with different stone hardness from nail scratching Soapstone all the way up to chisel blunting Black Granite.

The way I pick a particular stone depends on three things:

1) I look for a specific size and shape and sometimes colour that will accommodate an existing idea.

2) I find a stone with great colours and a big enough shape that suggests what might be trapped inside and I work towards that idea until the stone suggests something else.

3) I find a great stone with amazing colours and haven’t a clue. So I buy it and look at it for a few weeks, months or years until I know what to do with it.

Of course there is always the old “standby”.
Buy it and drill a hole in it. The visual feedback of that first cut, will get you started on how it will progress.

Selecting The Stone